The internet outdid itself in 2012, providing us once again with a plethora of amazing videos to watch while we were pretending to work waiting for our grandmother at the train station.

It took some time, but we narrowed down the year's successes to a select few viral videos that we think are unforgettable. From energetic hurdlers to overly attached girlfriends, these were the videos that had us gasping for air (either from shock or laughter) in 2012. You'll find music videos, comedy videos and, of course, some adorable four-legged friends.

Here are our finalists for the Best Viral Videos of 2012 -- take a gander and vote for the absolute best in our poll below. You can also sign up for TheFW newsletter below for updates on all the winners. We'll reveal the winners in multiple categories (Best Dog, Best Viral Video Kid, etc.) on January 15th.

Overly Attached Girlfriend

'Call Me Maybe', Justin Bieber Edition

'Gangnam Style'

'Hot Cheetos and Takis'

Andrew De Leon's Got Talent

Cat Performing 'Game of Thrones' Theme

Drunk Guy Singing 'Bohemian Rhapsody' in Cop Car

Bentley the Fussy Bulldog

Michelle Jenneke, Dancing Hurdler

Heavy Metal 'Sexy and I Know It'