Best of 2012

2012's Cutest Baby Vid
This year, 'Twins Dancing to Guitar' rounded up over 50% of the vote in the Cutest Baby Video of 2012 contest overwhelming victory. Maybe it was their double-baby power. Or maybe it's their adorable dancing. You decide.
Best Gif of 2012
When we first saw this GIF, we basically kept it open and running all day. So it comes as no surprise that Barack Obama 'Deal With It, which takes a photo of Pres. Obama offering a cocky smile and adds animated sunglasses from the classic 'Deal With It' meme, has won the prestigious (…
2012's Best Animal Vid
We have to admit, the results of this contest aren't too surprising. Sincerely, it's hard to imagine anything cuter than a baby tiger playing on a couch, which is why this video of a baby tiger jumping on the couch is taking home the prize for the Best Animal Video of 2012.
Best Dog Video of 2012
After weeks of voting, the results are in for this year's TheFW awards, and in the category of Best Dog Video of 2012 we have a clear winner ... Banthapug, ladies and gentlemen!
Vote for the Best of 2012!
Time is running out to vote in the 2012 TheFW Awards, the only awards that celebrate the best in cat videos, memes, viral videos and more. (Well, the best awards that celebrate that stuff anyway...)
Vote for the Best of the Web – TheFW 2012 Awards
It's that time of year, when we all get together and rally around something we truly believe in -- judging stuff. We've been keeping meticulous track of what goes on online, and we've carefully curated these lists of items for you to judge. Scroll through to make a choice and break someone's heart. …
The Best Tumblr Nominees — TheFW 2012 Awards
Single serving Tumblrs, those wonderful blogs based around one gem of an idea, are a great way to kill some time on the Web. Some of them (Binders full of women springs to mind) are brief flashes in the pan for the world to come together and make fun of, say, Mitt Romney. Others are a bit more indel…
vote: best 2012 Meme
Memes were always there for you in 2012 when you need a quick laugh. Like, really quick. As in a 45-second-long internet video is too long. We love them because we have really short attention OH LOOK A PENNY! Did the mailman come yet? What day is it

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