With only a few weeks of summer left, 'Hot Cheetos and Takis' by the Y.N. Rich Kids still has time to be our jam of the season. It's a song with a universal message, something to unite us all in these divisive times -- spicy junk food is so very, very delicious. And crunchy. And it stains your fingers.

This crew from Minneapolis brings it hard on their track 'Hot Cheetos and Takis,' and we can't blame them, because sometimes you just have to tell the world how much you love the extra-powdery delightfulness of Takis, which are basically just taquitos without meat that have been turned into chips. Hot Cheetos are good too, but seriously...Takis, you guys.

There's not much more this video needs -- it's got slam dunks, a killer hook and even a tiny pre-teen Mystikal-type rapper who will simultaneously entertain and maybe scare you just a little bit. We will be singing it all the way to the deli.

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