We love dogs. They're like cats that don't give us hives or try to suffocate us in our sleep. So it was extra-challenging for us to go through all of the amazing dog videos we've shared with you during 2012 and pick out the best. But we did. Because we care about you. And dogs. Mostly dogs. But also you.

Here are our finalists for Best Dog Video of 2012. Give them a look and then vote for your favorite. You can also sign up for TheFW newsletter below to get the scoop when the winners are announced on Jan 15. 

TreT -- Super Dog

Pug Singing 'Batman' Theme

Katy Puppy -- 'California Grrrs'

Tessie the Table Tennis-Loving Labrador

Pug Avengers

Porter the English Bulldog

Sloopy the Dancing Chihuahua


Ultimate Dog Shaming 

Bentley the Fussy Bulldog

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