Up until recently, you may not have heard of Carly Rae Jepsen, but suddenly she’s a household name. This is the kind of thing that will happen to a girl when she releases a song that Justin Bieber loves and everyone wants to lip sync to while mugging for a phone camera. Yep, she's the artist behind the inescapable hit 'Call Me Maybe.'

The catchy pop candy that is ‘Call Me Maybe’ can’t be denied. It’s the kind of song that gets stuck in your head for days, and manages to put you in a good mood even while you’re being tortured by it. Other pop stars love it, celebrities love it, news anchors love it and everyone with a camera and a YouTube account loves it.

Now, what began with a video made by friends of Justin Bieber has become an internet craze. Have a few minutes? Record yourself singing along to the infectious tune. It’s impossible to sit still and listen to it, so you might as well make a video of yourself dancing around. And, after watching all of these, just try to stop yourself.

Justin Bieber Starts It All

This cover with Justin Bieber is really the one that started it all. The Biebs has reportedly said that Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ is the catchiest song he’s ever heard. So, it’s not surprising that he and some other of Carlos Pena’s friends, including Selena Gomez and Ashley Tisdale, got together to make a video of themselves lip syncing to the song. The rest is pretty much history. Or not history, since new versions pop up every day.

Call Katy Perry, Maybe

Not to be outdone by her pop star peers, Katy Perry answered Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’ video with her own parade of friends during the Coachella festival. Sporting purple hair and a sweet pair of shades, Katy Perry demonstrates why she is indeed a pop princess. We hope Carly Rae is flattered, but at this point, seeing how hot Katy is while she sings the song, we wouldn’t blame Ms. Jepsen for being just a tad jealous.

The Baseball Team That Made It a Meme

The Harvard Baseball team's rendition is the video that made covering the song a meme. When the Harvard Baseball Team posted their version of a ‘Call Me Maybe’ sing-along, all bets were off. It was time for everyone to get in on the action. You can’t blame them for making it. What else is a team going to do on a long road trip?

Girls Team Gets In on the Meme

The ladies of the SMU women’s rowing team weren’t about to let the boys have all the fun. So, on their own away game road trip, they recorded their steamier version of van dancing to the tune. We think you’ll agree that they’ve got the best legs in the meme to date.

The One With the Bagel Dance

The Texas State baseball team was the next to hit the road and show the other universities how it was done. They may meet the Harvard team in the College World Series, but why wait until then? They answered their van video by taking it up a notch and adding their own Texas State touch. Leave it to the Texans to make it just a little bit bigger.

Joan Rivers and the 'Fashion Police' Gang Can Sing...Maybe

Of course Joan Rivers has become a part of this sensation. She has been asking us if we could "talk" for years. It’s not surprising she would want us to call. In this silly little gem, the gang over at ‘Fashion Police’ and some of their celebrity friends like Vanessa Williams and Rachel Dratch do their own version of the popular lip dub.

The One With the Lip Sync Guy from YouTube

No lip sync meme would be complete without the ultimate king of self-made videos of singing along to popular songs. Keenan has been doing this for a while now and has mastered the art of being more entertaining than the entertainer. His best will always be 50 Cent’s ‘Down On Me,’ but it’s almost as though the ‘Call Me Maybe’ meme wasn’t a lip sync meme until Keenan joined in.

Staples Center Staff Wants You to Call Them

You can’t say they don’t like to have a good time over at the Staples Center in LA. It looks like they got the entire staff in on the action, from cheerleaders to gate attendants to ballpark frank cooks. They may have needed a little levity at the time, as the staff of the arena had just turned the place over for six playoff games in four days. Although, we’re guessing that after all of that work, the last thing they wanted was a call from anyone.

The One That Got an “A” at Syracuse

Another university decided they better show their stuff in the sing-along craze. Oh sure, anyone can get 12 teammates in a van to cover the song, but how about the entire campus of a Division I NCAA school? Apparently, with this song, it’s not that hard to do. Mostly because by now, we’re all singing it in our sleep. We can only hope that student Hailey Temple got an “A” on her viral video project.

The ‘Call Me Campaigning’ One

Often people accuse politicians of not being in touch with the people from whom they request votes. Here we see presidential candidate Mitt Romney and current president Barack Obama doing their version of the sing-along. Well, we see what it might be like if Romney and Obama sat in a van together and listened to the song without stumping or attempting to make the other one look bad.

Bonus: Every Last One of Them … Maybe

If you don’t want to spend your life looking up all the different covers of this song on YouTube, because maybe you have a life or a job or something, you are in luck. Our saviors over at Pop Dust put together this supercut of all their favorites so you get a little sample of each. As you can see, the song has pretty much taken over the internet. Maybe.

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