Eight-week-old bulldog puppy Bentley is slowly taking over the internet, which we are more than fine with. He's only better than Carly Rae Jepson by like a million. A million whats, you ask? Stop asking questions -- he's a puppy and he's fussy. And did we also mention that he's AN ADORABLE PUPPY?!!!

Who knows why he's so fussy -- is it because he's camera shy, or maybe he's overwhelmed by the sheer amount of wrinkles on his adorable puppy legs. All we know is it's a good thing babies aren't this cute when they're upset, or people would be pestering them to cry all day long.

Seriously, you can forgive a dog this cute for anything, even pooping on your floor. Plus he's such a tiny puppy how much damage could he possibly make? You know what, we're going to go ahead and say we bet he gets cuter the more "havoc" he tries to wreak. Oh, Bentley... you're KILLING US over here.

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