The customer is not always right.

In this very NSFW video, which has gone viral, a woman identified as Taylor Chapman unleashes a torrent of hate on a Dunkin Donuts employee in Florida because she's furious she didn't get a receipt during a previous trip to the eatery and wanted a free order to make up for it.

Chapman comes across as obnoxious (at best), while the real hero is the employee who patiently deals with her insults and never once loses his cool.

The employee in question, 18-year-old Abid Adar, will be acknowledged for his grace under pressure. Dunkin' Donuts tweeted the following:

It's unclear what the chain will do to thank Adar.

For his part, Adar wants to be a doctor and a page has been set up for him on Indiegogo, where you can help him out.

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