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'Worst Twerk Fail Ever' Video Actually a Jimmy Kimmel Hoax
So remember the video of the twerking girl who accidentally set herself on fire? Remember how we all got a good laugh out of it? Remember how everyone from YouTube commenters to morning news shows dubbed it "the end of the twerking craze as we know it"?
Well, turns out it was all a …
Prancercise is back!
Everything about John Mayer makes us so conflicted. His music is kind of lame, but he's actually a great guitarist. His music is kind of lame, but look at him without a shirt on. His music is kind of lame, but he has a great sense of humor.
Prancercise Tweets
Attention everyone: the lady who launched Prancercise, the internet's favorite new exercise craze, is back. That's right folks-- horse fanatic Joanna Rohrback is now on Twitter, where we can learn important tips on how to live the Prancercise lifestyle.
History of YouTube
To celebrate both YouTube turning eight-years-old as well as kick-off the site's Comedy Week, America's favorite remixers The Gregory Brothers recently delighted us with the history of the beloved video sharing site in song.
New Internet Hero?
Charles Ramsey is a hero after freeing three women who had been kidnapped and held captive by his neighbor for 10 years. The Cleveland, Ohio man has also quickly become a viral video star after giving a series of descriptive interviews about the rescue.
Antoine Dodson Is Back
Antoine Dodson, of "hide your kids, hide your wife" 'Bed Intruder' viral video fame, is one of the more colorful stars of the internet era.
Part of the Huntsville, Alabama native's charm was his comfort with his sexuality. Which is why we were all surprised to see tha…

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