Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

‘In the Way Guy’ Ruins All the Pictures
It started simply enough (as these things tend to do), with a redditor posting this picture with the headline "Tried to get a photo of our proposal ... nailed it!" On its own, it's pretty hilarious. But the internet wasn't done with this photobombing guy. Not yet.
How to Make a 2012 Meme Costume
We've smothered the masses with costume ideas for you and your crew, and/or quite possibly soon to be epic wheelchair. Fortunately, we haven't forgotten the rest of you friendless, internet-loving basement dwellers out there. Yes, it's time to make your clever 2012 "meme&…
The Funniest Memes Ever (This Week)
The Web is teeming with hilarious memes. Every day, some unsuspecting person, dog or cartoon character has some clever words slapped on their photo before being circulated around the internet. But which memes are the funniest? That's where we come in.
The Best ‘Ridiculously Photogenic Guy’ Memes
In less than two weeks, Zeddie Watkins Little went from any good-looking runner to internet superstar thanks to one simple photograph.
Bestowed the title of the "Ridiculously Photogenic Guy," Little appeared more stock photo model than actual jogger while mid-stride during this year's South…