We here at TheFW are kind of obsessed with Zeddie Little, aka the guy from the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy meme. So we were beyond excited to learn that our pal Chris Kissel actually met him in person at a bar in Brooklyn, New York. And, as it turns out, he's even more ridiculously photogenic in the flesh.

Chris encountered The Ridiculously Photogenic Guy while at the popular Union Pool bar in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. As he says,

I was standing in the bathroom line and he was walking out, and I drunkenly grabbed him by the shoulder. I said: 'Hey, man - has anyone ever told you you look like the ridiculously photogenic guy?' He said: 'Well, not exactly...' and I said, 'Are you him?' And he said 'Yeah...' All sheepishly, just like that."

Once he had confirmed that he was in fact in Little's ridiculously photogenic presence, Chris asked for backstory on how he became an internet sensation.  "I asked him about the story and he told me he was running a race in South Carolina, and then I kinda stopped listening to him," Chris said. "It was Saturday night; I was drunk." (For more on how Zeddie Little became the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, go here.)

However, Chris did confirm that Zeddie is in fact a stand-up guy. "I asked him if I could take a picture of him for my girlfriend, who is a fan," Chris said. "I made him stand in the light emanating from the photo booth. He gave me a small, tight-lipped smile and I said, 'No! Do your photogenic thing.' He did a bang-up job. All in all, he was extremely nice and patient with my dumb questions. What a guy!"

We are so jealous right now.

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