We've smothered the masses with costume ideas for you and your crew, and/or quite possibly soon to be epic wheelchair. Fortunately, we haven't forgotten the rest of you friendless, internet-loving basement dwellers out there. Yes, it's time to make your clever 2012 "meme" costume.

Sure, it might be easy to throw a sheet over your head and go as a ghost or a sexy whatever, but why do that when you can paint the town red or tan mom brown with a oh-so-trendy meme costume? Sure, some people might not get your Hot Cheetos and Takis reference, but the right people will. Check out our tips on how to do this Halloween up, internet style.

Tanorexic Mom


Just when you thought sexy costumes were all about freezing to death in thigh highs and stilettos, we bring you 'tanorexic' mom Patricia Krentcil. Get the look with a good bit of preferably blonde ruffled hair, white wash jeans covered in a black leather jacket and topped with a bow. Since you'll be bringing burnt toast along, we highly recommend a good thorough slathering of Nutella on the hands and face for a midnight Hallowmeme snack.

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

kingofjames, Flickr

Simple yet stunning, next up is our Ridiculously Photogenic Guy. (Remember him?? He was big a few months back before returning to ridiculously photogenic obscurity.) Get the look with a berry-colored t-shirt, black track shorts and a homemade runner's card. Slap on a couple sweat stains and a smile on your face and you'll be up and running. Note: Not for the particularly unfortunate looking or claustrophobics unwilling to wear a ridiculously photogenic internet print-out mask.

McKayla Maroney Face

Getty Images

McKayla Maroney, everyone's favorite unimpressed internet sensation, is the go-to costume for anyone who wants to wear an unamused scowl all night. Get the look by topping that sour face with a grey track jacket and black stretch pants, a small bouquet of flowers, maybe some USA colored stickers or paint and a purple ribbon tied to a giant gold medal (chocolate center recommended). Spend a grouchy evening bombing photos of other Halloweeners having an otherwise awesome time.

Honey Boo Boo


We're no rocket scientists but something tells us there might be one or two Honey Boo Boo's jiggling around this Halloween season. If you must, its an excuse to rock a massive pink tutu, short frilly socks and a tiara. When you think you've added enough sequins and rhinestones to your top, add more. Extra points for keeping snot all over your face all night.

Overly Attached Girlfriend


Find a blue sweatshirt. Open your eyes real wide. Smile with mouth slightly open. Find a man and never let him go. Ever.

Stingray Photobomber

Sara Bourland

Easily made by draping yourself in a grey sheet and tying it to your wrists and over your head. Scrunch the bottom to make a tail, then paint the sheet with dark grey or black marker for stingray lines and that pretty glowing stingray smile. If all else fails, you'll at least have an eventful night of bombing peoples' photos as that guy in the sheet. Avoid mom's 5,000 thread count satin knits from her visit to Tibet if you can.

Ermahgerd Girl


Ermahgerd yer herfter terk lerk Ermahgerd gerl erf yer gern werr thers kersterm. A must, on top of dusting off your childhood 'Goosebumps' books, rocking an animal sweater under a print vest topped with high pigtails. Don't forget your old-school backpack and extra points if you can sernd lerk therss erl nert.



It's safe to say you'll be seeing an army of well-dressed Psy wannabes horsey dancing their way through the city streets. Basically just get a tux with a bowtie (or a caterer uniform if you're desperate), some sweet shades and practice your 'Gangnam Style.' Bonus points if you go as "on the boat with a life preserver Psy."

Grumpy Cat


Photobombing Stingray is busy staggering around with a bright sunshine smile on his face tonight. But not you. You're grumpy cat and you'll be busy wearing your cat ears, painted whiskers, fake furs and a big heaping frown on your face, won't you? You'll have a great time this Halloween, and it will be awful.

Lawyer Dog


Not all costumes this year will have the beaming sophistication of Lawyer Dog. Get this look with your finest bright blue suit (or any suit for that matter) and a purple tie if you can swing it. Dog ears, a painted nose and whiskers will be complimented with a big fat book or two you'll be carrying around all night. If anyone asks you for legal advice, make sure you bark it, or at least point them in the direction of grumpy cat.

Funny Face Diver

Getty Images

Quite possibly the most simplistic costume we have are our "Funny Face Divers," a meme we helped start. Slap on a one piece or a speedo and a diver cap. Tuck and scrunch that face. While it might be on the nippy side of costumes, don't you worry. Overly Attached Girlfriend will be there to keep you warm, at least before she sets your cap on fire and steals your candy for talking to the other divers.

'Ecce Homo' Painting


Ecce Homo, the famous painting defaced by self-appointed art restorer/crazy person Cecilia Gimenez, could well prove to be a popular costume this year. For one thing, it's terrifying. And two, it's exactly the sort of attention-getting in-joke costume that memesters love. For a guide to how to make your own Ecce Homo, or Potato Jesus, just consult the photo above. Whoever made that costume totally nailed it. Now if you'll excuse us, we have to go have hide under the covers and get away from that abomination.