It was Reddit that made Zeddie Little, aka ‘Ridiculously Photogenic Guy,’ April’s biggest meme by breathlessly trumpeting his good looks while running for the rest of the internet to see.

Little paid back the social news website Tuesday by doing a IAmA chat, in which he answered questions for Redditors.

Some of the back and forth was a little creepy, as is what happens when a group of mostly guys tells another guy how much they are obsessed with his handsomeness. But then again, that’s all really part of the joke.

All of the questions and Little answers can be found here. He didn’t break a whole lot of new ground during the session, but below are a couple of his responses that we did find interesting.

What is your hair-care regimen?
Oh man, I kinda saw this one coming, haha. Just shampoo, maybe conditioner, no particular brand or whatever. It's really thin so I just use wax/pomade from Kiehl's (product placement?). And once in a while go to a cool barber called Freeman's.

Did you know how to spell "ridiculously" before this meme?
I was actually wondering the correct spelling of it like a day before this all broke. I had a tendency to start by spelling it as "re..

Yup, ridiculously can be a tough word to spell. But thanks to Little and his perfect hair, we too will never spell the tricky word wrong again.

Another notable moment from the chat was Little obliging a request for a photo of him not looking photogenic. Check out it below, and let us know if it qualifies as a bad picture.

Unflattering Zeddie

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