Zeddie Little, aka "The Ridiculously Photogenic Guy," has gone from being a ridiculously attractive anonymous dude to being ridiculously big all over internet. In the week since a photo of Little looking quite suave while running a marathon went viral, Little has seemingly launched what are now highly trafficked fan sites on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

I do like carrots, and yes I have :)

Or was it?

There are now doubts as to whether Little is behind any of the sites. A man named Grayson Little, who claims he is Zeddie's brother (and appears to have the photos to back that up) has stated that the Ridiculously Photogenic Facebook and Twitter accounts are both fakes. Even stranger, the Twitter and Tumblr accounts have both been removed. (The Facebook fan page still remains with nearly 49,000 fans as of this morning.)

Will King, who took the original photo and has been in touch with Zeddie since, also seems skeptical of the social media sites. "I've talked to him.  He says he's trying to lay low.  He doesn't want the attention," Will told Live 5 News.

On the other hand, Zeddie's alleged Facebook fan page has another photo from the now famous race, which suggests Zeddie (or somebody close to him) had a hand in its creation. So we just might have ourselves a ridiculously complicated mystery. Check out the new photo of the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy from the race below as well as the photo of (potential) brothers Grayson and Zeddie Little. Who's the lady in the middle??

Zeddie Little Facebook
Zeddie Little Grayson Little

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