Time for today's match-up! In one corner, we have "Ridiculously Photogenic Guy" Zeddie Little, who was finally brought on 'Good Morning America' for an interview about how he became such an internet star. If there's one thing we can learn from Little, it's that being ridiculously photogenic can make you a star.

In the other, we have Ryan Gosling, another ridiculously photogenic guy and internet favorite. 

One day last year, he showed up to a dinner event wearing an impeccably tailored, two-toned suit, and from then on became known as the sexy style icon from 'Drive' who we all want to see shirtless. Also, he's been known to save the lives of dumb pedestrians who don't watch where they're going.

So, which one is more attractive? It's now time for you to vote in our poll below.

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