Hot the heels of our own Chris Kissel's run-in with Zeddie Little, aka the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, comes another random encounter with the star of our favorite meme. This time, a woman chances upon the handsome Little while seeking shelter during a downpour at a local bar. Aww! Why couldn't that have been us?

Kissel met Little, who became a viral sensation after being photographed during a marathon in South Carolina, while drinking in a bar in Brooklyn, New York. Reddit user "evewassetup" evidently met the strikingly handsome man in a bar as well after running for cover in a downpour. Hmm...we're seeing a pattern here. Does the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy need an intervention?

Thing is, despite the fact that his hair and shirt are soaked, Little looks as photogenic as ever. And, based on her broad smile, the woman in the photo is clearly starstruck by her brush with meme greatness. Not that we blame her, lucky girl.

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