So far photos of Zeddie Little, aka the "Ridiculously Photogenic Guy," have been viewed close to 1.5 million times since the man became a meme earlier this week.

At least half of those views are coming from women, many of whom are probably picturing themselves next to the one man whose hair stays perfect while he runs.

But Little is unlikely to cash in on this increased female attention. According to the 25-year-old's dad, Jack, Zeddie is in a very committed relationship with his girlfriend of  five years, who he met while working in a pizzeria in his hometown of Charleston, SC.

We also learned from pops that Zeddie has recently moved to New York City with his lady, and is trying to break into the PR business. Other details: he's never modeled before and is a great cook. Jealous, ladies??

So what does Zeddie's girlfriend think of all the fuss over her fellow's good looks and winning smile?

"I’m not sure what she makes of all this attention he has been receiving," Jack Little reports.

Well, she's probably happier this way than if her beau had been memed as the "Really High Guy" or "Pissed Old Guy." Those monikers would be much harder to explain to friends and family.

Check out more photos of Zeddie below. Is he as ridiculously photogenic when he isn't in motion?

And, of course, the meme version: