Ridiculously Photogenic Guy Zeddie Watkins Little finally showed the world what he looked like in real life on 'Good Morning America' Wednesday morning.

He appeared on the show with William King, who shot the now famous photo of Little running a marathon in South Carolina while still looking like a movie star which ended up turning him into a viral sensation.

According to Little, he was running and waving at a friend on the sideline when King, who Little didn't previously know, snapped the picture.

Little, who goes by his middle name of Watkins, said he is happy with his newfound fame. "I'm honored to be part of a joke that’s in good spirit," he told Robin Roberts. "Because sometimes the internet can be vicious." What?? That's crazy.

Watch Little on 'Good Morning America' below.

And, sorry ladies -- Little was quick to confirm that he has a serious girlfriend. He didn't, however, address the mystery of the social media sites that have been popping up in his name.

The next stop for the man whose hair stays perfect when he runs is the New York City Marathon, where he will be competing to raise money for the The John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health. We imagine the flashbulbs (and camera phones) will be popping when he does.

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