Real Life Characters

Real Life Disney
The look, movements and personalities of the Disney characters come from many different sources. For some characters, actors and models are brought in to act out scenes from the film. These performances are filmed and given to the animators to study and drawn inspiration from...
10 Real Life Horror Movie Locations
Now that Halloween is quickly approaching, why not grab a few friends and visit these 10 real-life locations that famous horror movies used in order to scare and thrill their audience? It's a good way to get some spine-tingling chills as you walk past these infamous sites without having to spen…
She-Hulk Rampage
Although She-Hulk is a part of the Marvel Universe she has yet to be included in any of the Marvel Studios movies that now dominate the box office
But folks over in England got a pretty good glimpse of the powers of Bruce Banner's cousin during a violent incident late last month.
'Calvin & Hobbes' In Real Life
Redditor nite4awk made these awesome pics of comic strip greats Calvin and Hobbes in real life settings. They are beautiful. Hopefully they will make your day. If you'd like to see more, you can find them here in resolutions suitable for computer wallpaper. Awesome!
'Up' IRL
In the tear-jerker animated film 'Up,' a home is lifted into the sky by a cluster of party balloons.  While it all looks great in Pixar's beautiful animated style, it doesn't seem like it would be something you could pull off in real life.
But, in fact, cluster ballooning is …
9 Awesome Real Life Video Games
Video games are often praised for their life-like qualities -- the realistic graphics, the grabbing action, the way women are always wearing short shorts. (Er, scratch that last one.) These gamers, however, took it to the next level by literally bringing their favorite games to life. Check out some …
Does This Tree Look Like Homer Simpson?
This could have been so perfect, if not for the vertical video. It's still pretty hilarious though -- a man sings a snippet of 'The Simpsons' theme song in an almost Homer voice while driving towards a tree that looks just enough like Homer to not be totally confusing.
Creepy Art Exhibit Features Real-Life Sleeping Beauties
Thanks to our childhood love of Disney princess movies, most women still secretly dream of their very own Prince Charming rescuing them from single life and sealing their love with a kiss before riding off into the sunset to live happily ever after. However, in the Ukraine's new art exhibit/mat…
‘Batman in Real Life’ Has Trouble at the Drive-Thru
Thanks to his guttural delivery and over-the-top performance, Christian Bale's Batman has become the butt of countless jokes, spoofs and parodies. In that spirit, we present another send-up starring the Caped Crusader entitled "Batman in Real Life." This time, Batman has a har…
Real-Life Helga From ‘Hey Arnold!’ Has a Real-Life Unibrow
Some of us can't imagine there being a real-life version of Helga from 'Hey Arnold!' walking around in the world. Remember how her bossiness, crazy mood swings and constantly loud voice -- which is probably where the show got it's name ("Hey, Arnold!") -- drove us all to madness? Guess wha…

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