Every girl has imagined what her Barbie and Ken dolls would be like in real life. Photographer Dina Goldstein went a step further and brought her childhood fantasies to life.

In a project called 'In the doll house,' Goldstein examines the less than perfect life of "B and K." "B" is the most successful doll in the world, but her partner "K" has a secret. A secret many have been insinuating about "K" for years.

"B and K" obviously refers to Barbie and Ken, but due to licensing rights -- and fear of upsetting doll maker Mattel -- Goldstein simply chose to use initials. Using real people with a heavy coat of make-up on, Goldstein shows Barbie in a loveless marriage and grappling with her partner's sexuality.

Check out the impressive photos below.

So is the life you envisioned when you played with your Barbie and Ken dolls?

Watch the behind-the-scenes video below.