Thanks to our childhood love of Disney princess movies, most women still secretly dream of their very own Prince Charming rescuing them from single life and sealing their love with a kiss before riding off into the sunset to live happily ever after. However, in the Ukraine's new art exhibit/matchmaking service, this silly childhood dream has turned into a 'Sleeping Beauty' nightmare.

A three-day installation in the National Art Museum of the Ukraine features "beauties" who are sound asleep (or at the very least excellent actresses) and are waiting to be kissed awake as men circle around their beds, creepily watching them and kissing them awake in the hopes of meeting their soulmate. If they do wake up from said kisses, the women have to marry whoever kissed them; as both the beauties and the viewers have signed a legally binding agreement.

The installation's creator, a Ukranian-Canadian artist named Taras Polataiko defends the piece to The Telegraph by claiming he was trying to help these women find "true love"; which raises all sorts of problematic questions and criticisms, especially about how passive the women in the fairy tales were and what that bodes for the future marriage and the type of men who are flocking to this exhibit.

And people thought online dating was bad; this skeevy installation is a Lifetime movie waiting to happen!

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