Thanks to his guttural delivery and over-the-top performance, Christian Bale's Batman has become the butt of countless jokes, spoofs and parodies. In that spirit, we present another send-up starring the Caped Crusader entitled "Batman in Real Life." This time, Batman has a hard time figuring out the whole drive-thru thing.

In the funny video, Batman runs like a maniac through a city packed with pedestrians while wearing a crudely-fashioned cardboard construction made to look like the Batpod. "It's not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you," he growls at two women at a bus stop. If that's true, then how do these silly antics define you, Dark Knight?

Later, Batman goes through a fast food drive-thru, but is unable to place an order since the teller can't understand him. Instead, the woman simply stares in amusement and Batman drives off in a huff, sans burger and fries.

How does this compare to all other Batman parodies out there? Is it funny, or does it fall flat? And are you getting a little tired of impressions of the gruff Christian Bale Batman voice?

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