Real Life Characters

Does This Dog Make the Best Real-Life Chewbacca or What?
Chewbacca is the true man's best friend. In 'Star Wars,' he always had Han Solo's back, even when they were about to be shot in the head by a bunch of stormtroopers. He's the tough fur ball with a heart of gold, so it's only natural for someone to want to create their o…
Is This the Real-Life Carl from ‘Up’?
We've come across too many real-life representations of cartoon characters to count, but this one may be the greatest ever. Prepare yourselves for a man who looks exactly -- and we mean exactly -- like Carl from Disney-Pixar's fantastic film 'Up. '
Check Out Stewie from ‘Family Guy’ in Real Life
Has anyone ever told ESPN sportscaster John Clayton that he bears more than a passing resemblance to Stewie from 'Family Guy'?
At first, we didn't see much of a similarity. But upon closer inspection, we're starting to believe that Clayton may be Stewie's real-life counterpart. Not that we want to in…
Does This Cute Pooch Look like Brian from ‘Family Guy’?
Since he walks, talks and is generally more rational than any other character on the show, it's easy to forget that Brian from 'Family Guy' is a family pet. But as this side-by-side comparison of Brian and a real-life pooch reminds us, he is, in fact, just a dog.
This living, breathing pooch has Bria…
Awesomely Creepy Skull Is a Real Life Pac-Man
We've logged countless hours and spent tons of money playing Pac-Man as a kid. But here's something we never thought we'd see -- a real-life representation of the pellet-gobbler's skull created by artist Gentil Garcon and paleontologist Francois Escuilie. Creepy!
Check Out a Real Life Cartman From ‘South Park’ [PHOTO]
'South Park' has been making us laugh with its signature brand of no-holds-barred parody since 1997. (Or since 1995, if you count the notorious 'Spirit of Christmas' shorts that took the internet by storm before the Comedy Central show launched.)
Because everybody's favorite animated nine-year olds h…