'The Simpsons'' iconic opening sequence has been the subject of all sorts of live remakes with Legos and even real people. Matt Groening's other great animation creation, 'Futurama,' has now received the same honor.

The animated comedy series just started its seventh season. (That's not bad for a show that was cancelled more than a decade ago.) To celebrate its momentous return, Comedy Central created a full live-action remake of the show's opening scene.

Even though you can see the strings and sticks holding everything together, it's quite impressive. They've even gone to the trouble to recreate everything down to the last detail, from the massive Planet Express ship zooming around New New York and eventually through a video billboard to the eye-catching "Bachelor Chow" billboard in the background.

Hopefully this means that one day, we'll actually get a live action version of the 'Futurama' characters themselves. We've always wanted to meet a real life Leela.

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