Although it was huge for Lindsay Lohan to host 'Saturday Night Live,' the real news of the weekend was Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi (played by Bobby Moynihan). She came on the set of the Weekend Update to clear the air about these pregnancy rumors. Although she refused to definitively say yes or no, there were some pretty telling signs that she might be.

Instead of drinking her normal beverage of Red Bull and cough syrup, she drank a concoction of Red Bull, V8 and a little bit of Jacuzzi water. Plus, when Seth Meyers felt her stomach, his hand got sucker punched presumably by a fist-pumping baby.

But what we really want to know, assuming Snooki really is pregnant (and we're not saying that she is), is who's the father? While everyone thought immediately of her boyfriend Jionni Lavalle, surprisingly Jon Hamm was the one running onto the 'SNL' stage to check on his sweetheart. Who knew Snooki had such great taste in men?