Perhaps unintentionally, it looked as if there was a theme during last night's 'Saturday Night Live' (featuring Christoph Waltz as host). Important etiquette lessons crept into at least two sketches, both of which featured a woman whose behavior ruins a party.

Based on these two sketches, here are some party dos and don'ts:

DO try to fit in with the others.

DO ask questions. But not weird ones.

DO NOT interrupt a story.

DO NOT try to guess the end of a story. Allow the person to end it on their terms.

DO NOT stir up conversations about politics.

DO NOT flash your junk at people whom you've just met.

DO NOT bring your bedroom stories -- especially when you're the new person

You get the gist... hopefully. But to ensure that you never become "that person" at a party, you'd better check out the clips of "Tippy" and "Regine" included in this post. And whatever you do, never play the fool around an SNL cast member, or else you're likely to see your bad behavior re-enacted in front of a national audience!

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