Saturday Night Live

Remember 'Deep Thoughts'?
The NY Times has an excellent profile of Jack Handey, the former 'SNL' writer who created the absurdly hilarious 'Deep Thoughts' series. Anyone who watched 'SNL' during the '90s will remember these brief non-sequiturs that aired between sketches. Unlike most of wha…
‘SNL’ Teaches Us How NOT to Act at Parties
Perhaps unintentionally, it looked as if there was a theme during last night's 'Saturday Night Live' (featuring Christoph Waltz as host). Important etiquette lessons crept into at least two sketches, both of which featured a woman whose behavior ruins a party.
‘SNL’ Tackles the Stranded Carnival Cruise
One of the most talked about topics this past week was the stranded Carnival cruise ship that found itself simply floating along in the ocean without power, sanity, and toilets. Naturally, the story eventually found itself on the floor of studio 8H in Rockefeller Plaza -- home of 'Saturday…
Djesus Uncrossed
If only this were real! We sure wouldn't mind seeing it, even if it clocked in at three hours plus, like "Django."
'SNL' + Bieber + 'Grease' = WIN
Justin Bieber made his 'Saturday Night Live' debut last night as the host/musical guest, and in one sketch the show offered up a parody of the popular 70's hit, 'Grease'... with a little twist.
Watch Justin Bieber’s ‘SNL’ Promos
Yes, people. This is actually happening...
Justin Bieber, or "The Biebs" as he's known with 12-year-olds, is getting set to host this weekend's 'Saturday Night Live.' Not only will the former Mr. Selena Gomez act as the show's host but he will also take in t…
‘SNL’ Promotes Joe Biden Bash
We can all agree that we're elated 'SNL' cast member Jason Sudeikis decided to stay onboard this season, right? Coming back with his hysterically strange and cartoonish version of Vice President Joe Biden, Sudeikis brought us 'Biden Bash' on last night's episode, a…

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