Jon Hamm

10 Facts You Might Not Know About 'Mad Men'
Mad Men will close the doors of Sterling-Cooper for good in just a few weeks' time, but did you know that the Emmy-winning AMC prestige drama was written in 1999, and rejected everywhere until 2006? Or that an episode paid a cool $250K for a single Beatles song? These are just some of the Mad m…
Jon Hamm Isn’t Backing Down From Kim Kardashian Slam
Jon Hamm was on 'Today' Monday morning, along with other members of the 'Mad Men' cast. The critically-acclaimed drama returns for its fifth season Sunday, hence the group appearance. But 'Today' host Matt Lauer would've been remiss if he didn't ask Hamm to also address comments that he made last we…
Miss Piggy Hams It Up, Meets Jon Hamm at BAFTAs
The red carpet for this year's BAFTA awards were full of stars, but only one caught the attention of the internet.
Orange Film hired the lovable Miss Piggy to interview the stars of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts' annual awards show.
Animator Re-Imagines ‘Mad Men’ Opening Credits [VIDEO]
Can't wait until 2012 for more 'Mad Men'? We've got two suggestions to whet your appetite: Emotions with Jon Hamm, a Tumblr dedicated to the expressive man behind stoic lead Don Draper, and this animated re-imagining of the show's opening credits, from the mind of illustrator Paul Rogers.
The sleek, …