Snooki’s Baby Is Here, Still Sober
Snooki is finally ready to show her baby to the world, and it is just slightly bigger than her enormous false lashes. Lorenzo and his mom appear on the cover of People magazine, and he is tiny and cute and appropriately tiny for a baby. (Though his hair is somewhat smaller than expected.)
The Worst Commercials Starring the ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast
After five painfully long seasons, 'Jersey Shore' will begin its sixth and final season this fall. Maybe it's because Snooki had a baby and things are starting to get real. Maybe it's because the ratings have started dropping and show no signs of stopping. Or maybe it's because this show is terrible. Regardless, we thought we'd pay tribute by reminding you of some of the terrible commercials the s
The Many Instagram Faces of Snooki
We just can’t get enough of little miss Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi lately. But who can blame us? She gives us great material! The self-proclaimed "meatball" just recently had a mini meatball of her own, and we saw the Twittersphere explode with jokes about the tanned-out, leopard-clad ‘Jersey Shore’ star becoming a mom. And who could forget how hilarious it was picking out names for baby gu
Snooki Gives Birth — Twitter Responds in the Only Way It Knows How
Early Sunday morning, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi finally gave birth to her little meatball man, Lorenzo Dominic LaValle. Once she and fiance Jionni LaValle announced the arrival of their diaper-clad guido, the Twittersphere exploded with both messages of congratulations and jokes about the hair poof queen becoming a mom.
10 Ways the Cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ Can Prepare for a Pregnant Snooki
News of Snooki’s pregnancy might have given some of ‘Jersey Shore’s’ most ardent critics hope that MTV would finally pull the plug, but it seems to have only given them a reason to keep going. (This news just furthers speculation that the bun in Snooki’s oven is the Anti-Christ.) The network announced there would be another season of drinking and fighting and plans are already in the works to work
Snooki’s Pregnancy Fails to Prevent Another Season of ‘Jersey Shore’
If you can't stand the 'Jersey Shore' cast and hoped recent news of Snooki's pregnancy would mess up MTV's plans for the hit show, guess what, your prayers have not been answered. In fact MTV has stated the show must go on, and with a pregnant Snooki, the only thing we may not see in the upcoming sixth season is the pint-sized mother-to-be doing the 'Jersey Turnpike' at Karma.
10 Possible Names for Snooki’s Baby
In case you haven't heard, Snooki has a bun in the oven. That's the word from the pint-sized reality star herself. The 'Jersey Shore' star is more known for her hard-partying lifestyle than she is for any parenting acumen, so we thought we'd lend a bit of a hand by giving her some advice when it comes to possible names for her little bundle of joy. Check out 10 possible names for Snooki's baby, ak
Snooki’s Pregnancy Rumors Are Put to Rest on ‘SNL’s’ Weekend Update
Although it was huge for Lindsay Lohan to host 'Saturday Night Live,' the real news of the weekend was Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi (played by Bobby Moynihan). She came on the set of the Weekend Update to clear the air about these pregnancy rumors. Although she refused to definitively say yes or no, there were some pretty telling signs that she might be.

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