Last night's 'Weekend Update' featured an eye witness to the recent meteor crash in Russia. In the beginning, Povlatsky (played by 'SNL' cast member Kate McKinnon) showed up to talk merely of the crash, but she ended up sharing even more about the poor quality of life amongst females in her native Mother Russia.

Honestly, we knew Russians were surly people but not this surly. Now that we know it's a land filled with rabid dogs running rampant, and where standing in line is done for mere recreation, perhaps we understand.

During the interview, Povlatsky told 'Update' host Seth Meyers that she welcomed the meteor, claiming she had hoped it would take her away from the "barren wasteland" that is Russia. Unfortunately for her, it didn't quite turn out like that.

Regardless of Olya's plight, this sketch was a definite win for McKinnon!

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