If you're still wondering why NBC decided not to pick up the much-talked about 'Wonder Woman' pilot, you may want to watch these newly released (and arguably corny) clips from the show, which feature star Adrianne Palicki chasing bad guys around Hollywood and visiting friends in the hospital.

Perhaps the campiest of the four clips, posted Thursday on TV.com, is the the one in which Diana Prince (Wonder Woman's alter-ego) gets involved in a screaming match with her coworkers and accuses them of merchandising her, um, assets. If that wasn't enough, Prince then launches into a feminist monologue with less subtext than a 'Twilight' book.

While the clips aren't exactly high art, it's still fun to see Palicki don the famous Wonder Woman costume. Given the promise the young actress showed on 'Friday Night Lights,' we hope she finds better material to work with in the future.

In the meantime, check out two wonderfully silly clips from 'Wonder Woman' below (language is slightly NSFW):

[via TV.com]

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