What do Batman, Superman, Aquaman and Robin all have in common? Well, apparently it's that they all share a ritzy villa in Miami together living the good life as retired superheroes.

The maker of this funny animated video wants to pitch this idea to Adult Swim as a pilot and, to be honest, it does seem like something they'd like since the "Superfriends" are portrayed more like a group of old women living together than a bunch of retired tough guys.

It's hard to imagine what the plot would be to an episode of this show, but there's definitely potential for some ridiculously hilarious content. Also, apparently an audience: one Youtube viewer thinks, "This is the single greatest thing I have EVER seen on the internet." We don't know if we'd go that far, but it's definitely a clever and funny idea that puts both 'Golden Girls' and DC Comics superheroes in a totally new light.

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