It's no secret that kids like to use their imaginations, so one group with a great cause has decided to take that a step further.

Tiny Superheroes is an organization that creates superhero capes for kids battling various diseases in a bid to raise money to help find cures for a multitude of ailments.

Since launching in January, the charity has taken off faster than a speeding bullet, with 500 capes going out to 35 states and five countries. (Those are some superheroic results, for sure.)

Founder Robyn Rosenberger says the capes are more than just a fashion statement, noting, "When you give a kid a Tiny Superhero cape, you're giving them hope, courage and inspiration that they could change the world."

You may not be a superhero with a sewing machine, but you can certainly help the cause and make a little kid feel like he's invincible.

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