A group of superhero fans on YouTube have made an impressive 'Sweded' remake of the highly anticipated "Avengers" trailer complete with flaming cars, cardboard versions of the film's iconic Marvel superheroes and even a hilarious A capella take on the Nine Inch Nail's song "We're In This Together".

It's actually a pretty impressive remake, despite the fact that just about everything in the video is either made of cardboard or some kind of household fabric and shot in either a suburban living room, kitchen or backyard.

The creators have given the trailer a great satiric edge, from the hilarious "Justice League" reference in the song to the fact that the Black Widow stand-in is just wearing a red piece of cheesecloth over her head instead of an actual wig. However, the person who steals the show is the stand-in for Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, who perfectly captures Robert Downey Jr's deadpan greatness. Attention Paramount, we've found his understudy.

Check out the video below. You'll definitely want to watch it all the way to the end for an extra special bit of commentary from Bruce "The Incredible Hulk" Banner that could make even the most disenfranchised comic-book lover geek out (or "Hulk out" depending on whether or not you think Paramount will totally mess 'Avengers' up).

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