With all the rumblings surrounding the news that the CW is working on developing a new Wonder Woman TV series a la 'Smallville,' the big question is: who will portray the lasso-swinging future Amazon heroine? Here's our pick for the five actresses who would be fit to fill Lynda Carter's shoes on the small screen.

1. Katie McGrath

Katie McGrath

Katie McGrath, best known as the evil sorceress Morgana Le Fey on BBC's hit television show 'Merlin,' fits the bill with her pale skin, bright blue eyes and long black hair. Action scenes are no stranger to her, either. In season one of 'Merlin,' she crossed blades with Bradley James's Prince Arthur Pendragon with ease. (She's also a decent actress as well.) Fans of 'Merlin' would enjoy watching her play the heroine for once.

2. Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer

Best-known for playing the ill-fated Anne Boleyn on Showtime's 'The Tudors' and now starring as Margaery of House Tyrell on 'Game of Thrones,' Dormer is known for her dramatic looks and excellent acting skills. She's a natural blonde in real life, but fans of 'The Tudors' know she looks just as stunning with raven locks. Like McGrath, Natalie Dormer is no stranger to sword play either. She is a member of the London Fencing Academy and has trained with some of the best fencing coaches in Britain, so it would be interesting to see her trade the blade for a lasso as a young Diana.

3. Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara

Best known for her portrayal of the expert hacker and ferocious kickboxer Lisbeth Salander, Rooney Mara could pull off the role of Diana of Themyscira with ease and grace. Her acting chops are top-notch as well; as any fan of David Fincher's adaption of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' could tell you. Plus, her transformation to Lisbeth Salander proves that Rooney can pull off black hair and successfully leave her normal image behind and wholly embodying her character.

4. Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings

Although the 'Thor' and '2 Broke Girls' actress may seem an unusual choice at first glance, this would be an excellent role for Dennings to show that she can do more than just be a quippy sidekick character and could hold her own as a leading lady. She also has the dark-haired, blue-eyed look naturally, so there would be no need to dye her hair or order contacts for her. If her schedule is free, it would be quite interesting to see how she portrays Diana in a CW origin show.

5. Lauren Cohan

Lauren Cohan

Best known for her roles as Bela on 'Supernatural' and Rose on 'The Vampires Diaries,' with the CW's habit of re-using actors, Lauren could be a strong contender for the role of a young Diana. She's performed several stunts in both shows, and is known to have taken kickboxing classes as well. A strong actress, it would be nice for her to finally get the time to shine instead of always being relegated to a minor character. Sure, she's on 'The Walking Dead' now, but we all know that nobody lives very long on that show.

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