'Saturday Night Live' returns for its 38th season this weekend with many questions that need to be answered. How are they going to replace former mainstays Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg? How will just-announced new players Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant and Tim Robinson fit in? And, of course, who will play Clint Eastwood in the inevitable soliloquy-to-a-chair sketch?

But one thing we do know is that Seth MacFarlane will be hosting the kickoff, with musical guest Frank Ocean.

The 'Family Guy' and 'Ted' creator cut the traditional mid-week promo with Kenan Thompson, who is now 'SNL's second longest tenured cast member after Fred Armisen.

In the clip, we learn that MacFarlane's summer was a lot busier than Thompson's. We also learn that Thompson does a decent 'Stewie' impersonation, although MacFarlane doesn't give him a whole lot of credit for it.

During the promo, they also bring up a good point: You can't use flashbacks in live television like you can in cartoons. Will MacFarlene be able to survive the 90 minutes without his favorite device? Tune in on Saturday night to find out.