U Can’t Touch This Obama/MC Hammer Mashup
Remember the "you didn't build that" debacle? It turns out if you take enough of President Obama's words out of context you can make him do a little rap song that sounds remarkably like "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer. Bonus at 2:52 -- turns out t…
Bruce Lee Remix Teaches You How to ‘Be Water’
If you want to hear Bruce Lee beat a dude like a drum, definitely check this video out. It combines music with  footage of Bruce Lee discussing his philosophy AND footage of Bruce Lee kicking people in various parts of their bodies. So if you don't like philosophy, you can always watch Chu…
Jehovah’s Witnesses Video Gets NSFW Remixes
First rule of the internet: You can't put a video of people saying it's wrong to masturbate in sign language on YouTube and expect somebody to NOT provide a soundtrack by R. Kelly. It's going to happen. It did happen. And it was hilarious. But the fun doesn't stop there.

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