First rule of the internet: You can't put a video of people saying it's wrong to masturbate in sign language on YouTube and expect somebody to NOT provide a soundtrack by R. Kelly. It's going to happen. It did happen. And it was hilarious. But the fun doesn't stop there.

Why limit yourself to R. Kelly, when there's so much more music in the world that will make a sign language anti-masturbation ad hilarious? Here are some of our favorites.

It sincerely seems like they were listening to 'In Da Club' when they made this video -- their 'don't touch your private bits' signing really syncs up with 50 Cent. A sentence you probably never thought you'd read.

It's true -- Guile's theme from 'Street Fighter' really does go with everything.

Finally, a little clarity on how to dance to dubstep.

And it clearly wouldn't be a thing that's happening on the internet right now without somebody chucking some 'Gangnam Style' into it.