'The Matrix' and 'Office Space' are both ripe for multiple viewings. Another look at 'The Matrix' helps you get a better sense of what is real, and 'Office Space' features the kind of sharp workplace humor that never gets stale.

But other than that -- and the fact that both films came out in 1999 -- Mike Judge's droll comedy and the blockbuster sci-fi thriller couldn't have less in common.

Which is why this mash-up of the two movies is so impressive. Check out some seamless editing from YouTube user AkselDog.

In the clip, Neo is running from Lumbergh while talking on the phone to Milton. Amazingly, given how fluid the whole scene is, only sounds effects from the two movies were used.

What the video really drives home is how terrifying cubicles are. Whether you're in a dystopian future or a '90s-era corporation, nobody wants to spend their days grinding away in a little box.