There's got to be an occasion when you would need a 'Gangnam Style'/Offspring/Bloodhound Gang/LMFAO mashup, like, say, if you somehow managed to sneak into the DJ booth at your ex's wedding reception. Keep this video handy for when that day comes.

YouTube user Steve Streza says this is his first mashup, and we have to admit the quality of the mashing is pretty good. It's the song selection that gives us pause. At least he was honest about it though -- he calls it "Like A Bad White Guy Party Gangnam Style." Yup, that pretty much sums it up. In addition to Offspring, the Bloodhound Gang and LMFAO, the mashup also features that "Like a G6" tune.

For sure, it's terrible, but you can't just walk away. We'd compare it to a really bad smell that you want to figure out.