'The Expendables 2' features the greatest collection of action heroes ever assembled on one screen. Human action heroes, that is. As you can see above, the Pixar-creations of the 'Toy Story' universe can also take some serious names when given the proper dialogue.

The mash-up from the folks at IGN merges the sound from 'The Expendable 2' trailer with action from the 'Toy Story' franchise.

"I'm back!" Buzz Lightyear declares in Arnold's voice. And you wouldn't want to mess with Woody or Mr. Potato Head if you happened to be an evil mercenary threatening the world with plutonium.

This might be a fake trailer, but we may have just found the mystery plot for 'Toy Story 4.' Or how about 'Toy Story vs. The Expendables?' That could actually be too much action hero for one screen.