'Breaking Bad' is taking an extended mid-season break after Sunday's no doubt thrilling episode. Really extended. Like, a year long. Then it's going to come back and then it will be over forever. We're having a hard time dealing with it.

If you are too, or even if you're somehow perfectly fine with all of these despite "liking" the show, we thing you'll enjoy this roundup of 'Breaking Bad' videos parsed from YouTube. Think of it as a little tide-me-over until Summer 2013.

Be Like Mike (Ehrmantraut)

WARNING SPOILERS! SPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERS! Spoiler Alert: Do not watch this video unless you are completely caught up with 'Breaking Bad.' You just skip right on ahead to the next one, okay? Don't even think about it. If you are completely caught up, we think you'll really like this parody of an old Gatorade commercial. Again, if you aren't caught up, walk on. Seriously.

'Breaking Bad' Mentos Commercial

Okay, this one is totally fine to watch, which is great because it is such an excellent replica of an old Mentos commercial, that it could probably be a Mentos commercial, if Mentos still did commercials. The only thing missing is actual Mentos. Maybe Walter can pick them up as a habit for the second half of the fifth season so that we can get one more really perfect one of these out of the show. It's really just delightful.

'Breaking Bad,' 'Malcolm in the Middle' Style

Don't sit there and try to tell us you've never looked at Walter White and thought, 'But that's Hal, from 'Malcolm in the Middle! Weird.' This video combines footage from 'Breaking Bad' with visual aspects and the theme from 'Malcolm' to give 'Breaking Bad' a new intro. It's pretty spot-on, and makes us wonder what Dewey is up to these days.


Here's the much beloved 'Pinkman,' a 'Seinfeld'-esque spinoff show featuring Jesse Pinkman as the lead. If it's anything like the video, it would be great. Our favorite part is when Skyler fills up her enormous wine goblet. That is a big ol' cup of wine! This whole awkward dinner scene was great, though, and we're glad we can easily go back and watch it again and again to remind ourselves why Aaron Paul is pretty much the best.

Generic Sitcom 'Breaking Bad'

If Larry David's not your style, this a pretty accurate cut of 'Breaking Bad' as a generic sitcom. It's amazing what a laugh track can do. This video is also a great reminder to be grateful that the show is exactly the way it is, because there is noooo way we would actually watch 22 minutes of this week after week.

'Breaking Bad' / 'Simpsons' Mashup

Well, here it is. An excellent mashup of two shows we love. In this one, Bart takes on the role of Jesse Pinkman (naturally) and Walter White is played by ... Ned Flanders!!! Brilliant. Is it NSFW if it's cartoons dubbed over from another show, so they aren't actually doing what it sounds like they're doing? If so then this is slightly NSFW due to Homer hitting a crack pipe. Otherwise, enjoy!

'Breaking Bad' Dance Mix

And, on a lighter note, here is a fantastic remix of the show into a dance track. It only uses footage from seasons one and two, so you don't have to worry about spoilers if you aren't completely up to date.  There is however quite a bit of violence and swearing, in case you somehow didn't predict that happening in a dance remix of 'Breaking Bad.' So, NSFW if typical 'Breaking Bad' cursing and violence don't get the thumbs up in your place of work.