Rihanna may not be on the soundtrack for The Hunger Games,' but a new mash-up does an admirable job of fusing the pop star's music with the hotly-anticipated movie in a track called 'We Found Love in the Hunger Games.'

By using music inspired by Rihanna's hit 'We Found Love,' footage from the movie's trailers and entirely new lyrics, Tom Vader and Matthew Sullivan have turned the dystopian fantasy with romantic themes into a full-blown romance.

Indeed, the video heavily plays up Katniss' relation with Peeta using lyrics such as: "It's the way I'm feeling / I just cannot lie / So I've gotta let it show / We Found Love / In the Hunger Games."

What do you think? Entertaining mashup or does this make light of the grim subject matter in Suzanne Collins' beloved series? And how does it measure up to past 'Hunger Games' fan videos?