The Best Ways to Celebrate Pi Day
Hey guys -- it's March 14! 3.14! Pi Day (approximately)! If you still haven't figured out how you were going to celebrate, don't worry -- we're here to help you. Here are just a few things you can do to celebrate Pi Day!
MLK and 10 Other Famous Juniors
Today people will stop and reflect about the legacy of the late civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. — one of a number of famous people who made marks of their own despite having names that ended with "Junior." Dr. King's father was also a minister who inspired many followers, but o…
Your Week in Awesome Gifs – Holidays, Finals, and More
It's that time of the week for the best gifs of the week! Here's your week in awesome gifs for that awesome week of yours, well, awesome for some people. If you're a student right now, this week is filled with some soul-crushing studying. But if you're not a student, this week is…
Happy Leif Erikson Day, Everybody!
Hinga dinga durgen, it really is Leif Erikson Day!! In 2009, President Obama made a proclamation, and now on the ninth of October we honor the European commonly regarded as the actual first to discover America. Here are some great memes and a reggae-themed educational video with a bunch of Viki…
The Weirdest Holidays in July
June may have been home to Donut Day, but all of July is Ice Cream Month. July has plenty of fun holidays, from yummy summer treats like Strawberry Sundae Day and National Lasagna Day to slightly weirder holidays like World UFO day.
15 Baby Animals Celebrating Father’s Day
It's that time of year again when we celebrate everything dad has done for us. That's right, it's Father's Day! We found some baby animals that know exactly what it means to be in the Father's Day spirit. Take a look at some adorable father-child animal bonding and cuddling.
15 Father’s Day Gifts from Etsy Dad Will Love
Father's Day is coming soon and we know you're tempted to buy dad yet another necktie he doesn't need. But unless it's as fashionable as the #8 Wood Tie, don't bother. Look at these hand-made Etsy gifts instead! We know your dad is the #1 dad, so don't you think he deserves something more creative l…
Fun, Weird and Offbeat June Holidays
The month of June is full of fun, bizarre and offbeat holidays that you can celebrate. We all know Father’s Day is on the third Sunday in June and Flag Day is June 14th, but what about the other lesser known, funny, wacky or just plain weird holidays in June? June is full of unusual …
16 Wacky Pinatas That Will Get You Pumped for Cinco de Mayo
You don't have to crack open a pinata to enjoy Cinco de Mayo, but it certainly gets you in the right mood. Everyone from little kids to hammered Corona-and-margarita drinkers love scrambling to get their free candy, but there are some pinatas out there that are just too awesome to demolish.
This Workplace Doesn’t Think Leap Day Is Real
Here's something for you salaried employees to think about: If you're working today, one could argue that you are doing so for free.
Perhaps that is why Oaklandish, an apparel company based in Oakland, is closed for leap day. Not only that, but on their sign announcing their …
Things You Might Not Know About Leap Day
We have Feb. 29th -- otherwise known as Leap Day -- every four years to make up for the fact that the Earth doesn't circle the sun in exactly 365 days. Without that occasional extra day thrown in, our entire calendar and its corresponding seasons would eventually be way off and we'd be celebrating C…

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