Father's Day is coming soon and we know you're tempted to buy dad yet another necktie he doesn't need. But unless it's as fashionable as the #8 Wood Tie, don't bother. Look at these hand-made Etsy gifts instead! We know your dad is the #1 dad, so don't you think he deserves something more creative like the following fun items? Here are 15 awesome gift ideas that will make dad one happy pappy on Father's Day. 

Etched Drinking Glass

Father's Day Beer Glass

This customized glass is a gift any dad can enjoy. With his kid's birthdays etched on the side, he'll always be thinking of them. Perfect for enjoying a nice cold beer in the coming summer months. [Buy it!]

Leather iPhone Case

iPhone Cases

This neat gift holds all the things your dad could possibly need. A wallet and iPhone case in one, it conveniently has places for cards, IDs, money and, of course, an iPhone. This case will ensure that your dad will never be out of touch and leave his phone home again. This case isn't just handy though -- the calfskin leather looks great and will work with any outfit. [Buy it!]

Cowboy Boot Bookmark

Cowboy Boots Bookmark

If your dad hasn't jumped on the eBook craze yet, chances are he needs a bookmark, and this fun one has no place in your mom's book club. These cowboy boots will stick out of the top of the book, so dad will never lose his place. [Buy it!]

Mason Jar Wineglasses

Mason Jar Wine Glasses

These are no typical wineglasses! Whimsically named Redneck Wineglasses, these are (unofficially) hillbilly approved. But don't let that stop the non-country dads from enjoying this gift. These mason jar wineglasses are perfect for outdoor barbecues or just a nice glass of wine on a warm summer night. [Buy it!]

Beer Soap

Beer Bar Soap

These artisan soaps are made from all-natural ingredients and Guinness Stout. Don't worry about your dad smelling like he just came back from the bar -- the pure guinness soap has a nutty scent and the other two are scented Sweet Cocoa and Oatmeal & Honey. [Buy it!]

#1 Dad Chocolate Lollipops

Father's Day lollipops

Want a sweet (literally) gift for Father's Day? These chocolate lollipops will make any Dad smile and they come in a variety of colors for your #1 Dad. [Buy it!]

Fish Decor

Father's Day fish decor

This handcrafted fish sculpture is perfect for dad's office or living room. Small enough to fit on a desk, this fisherman's dream will add an outdoorsy touch to any room that your dad is sure to love. Plus, it's secured on a glazed piece of driftwood, so you can be sure this fish won't flop away. [Buy it!]

Wood Tie

Father's Day wooden tie

This wooden tie is a bold fashion statement for those dads who like to take risks. And for those who love the environment, it's made from reclaimed redwoood from old barns, bridges and tunnels recycled for this new function. Of course, you won't be giving dad an old plank to wear around his neck -- this tie is lightweight and flexible. [Buy it!]

"Miller" Fishing Lure

Father's Day fishing lures

For the dad who loves fishing and beer, or the dad who loves fishing or beer, these lures are sure to catch some big fish and look good doing so. They're colorful and each feature a Miller bottle cap. Great to bring on a fishing trip with the boys. [Buy it!]

Mustache Rubber Stamps

Father's Day mustache stamps

Does your dad have a mustache? Does he want one? Give these mustache stamps to your dad and watch him go crazy adding mustaches to all your childhood photos. Just don't fall asleep with your shoes on -- you might find you've grown a stamped-on mustache overnight. You can also use these awesome stamps to decorate a Father's Day card. [Buy it!]

10 Messages in a Bottle

Father's Day messages in a bottle

This is a gift for the sentimental Dad. With 10 messages for 10 days after Father's Day, he can open a new message every day that will bring a smile to his face. [Buy it!]

Cat Sweatshirt

Father's Day cat sweater

As we already know here at TheFW, cats aren't just for old cat ladies. Give dad a gift to assert his manliness and his love of cats with a sweatshirt that proclaims that "Real Men Love Cats." [Buy it!]

Coffee Spoon

Father's Day coffee spoons

For dad's morning cup of joe, this hand stamped "best dad ever" spoon is a sweet gift, especially if you plan on making him breakfast Father's Day morning (hint hint). [Buy it!]

Video Game Cufflinks

Father's Day video game cuff links

Perfect for persuading the gamer dad to actually get out of the house once in a while, these cufflinks assure dad that he's never far from his beloved video games. This gift is a fun way to spice up a serious outfit and will look good at any event.  [Buy it!]

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