5 Things You Didn’t Know About Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Giving a day of commemoration to one of the world's most instrumental civil rights leaders whose peaceful words and deeds contributed to a whole new understanding of equality and brotherhood seems like a no-brainer. Martin Luther King Day's history, however, was fraught with controversy and took years just to get on the federal government's official calendars.
Need a Fun Facebook Holiday Greeting? Check These Out! [IMAGES, VIDEOS]
With the holidays fast approaching and patience time running short, would like to take one item off your list of seasonal chores. Please enjoy and share these light-hearted holiday images and video clips with everyone on your "Nice" list. (And then break out the boxed wine.) Warm wishes from the family to yours!
7 Wonderfully Awkward Holiday Sitcom Moments [VIDEOS]
As any true TV addict knows, the true meaning of Christmas is to give your fave shows the once-a-year opportunity to get all preachy and filled with holiday cheese, er, cheer. You may want to turn on the boob tube for a good laugh -- but at Christmastime, you're going to learn something, darn it! The...
8 Holiday Pet-Proofing Tips
Here’s a question that Vetstreet's Dr. Patty Khuly gets asked often this time of the year: How do you keep all those pets of yours out of trouble? It's a great question when you’ve got tinsel, glittery ornaments and all manner of holiday trappings decking your halls, walls and — most menacingly of all — your holiday tree (if you happen to have one). Find out what tips Dr. Khuly has for you after t
10 Awesome Snowman Creations
It's the most wonderful time of the year, when snowflakes fall from the sky, collect on the ground... and then get turned into profound works of art. (Or video game characters.) Here are the ten most awesome snowmen we found on the internet....
8 Videos of Cute Animals Opening Presents
Santa's reindeers work their antlers off every Christmas, but the rest of God's creatures have got it so much easier. Whether they're household pets, zoo animals or endangered species just chilling in a preserve, the following eight animal videos illustrate just how much humans consider their furry and/or feathered friends a part of their families. Sure, you may...
10 Awesomely Fun Holiday Gifts for TV Fans
Art doesn't imitate life -- it imitates television! Just check out these 10 TV-influenced handicrafts brought to you by some of the clever craftsellers at Etsy. We consider each a fitting homage to some of our favorite must-see TV. They also make great gifts for your couch potato pals and/or loved ones. ...
Woman Camps out Nine Days Early for Black Friday Deals [VIDEO]
While some folks are beginning to rebel against the tyranny of Black Friday and its hard-to-resist savings, Florida resident Christina Orta  is taking things in the complete opposite direction, lining up nine days early to make sure she'll get first crack at her local Best Buy's merchandise.

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