Hey guys -- it's March 14! 3.14! Pi Day (approximately)! If you still haven't figured out how you were going to celebrate, don't worry -- we're here to help you. Here are just a few things you can do to celebrate Pi Day!

  • Why?


    Because you've got to get down on Pi Day.

  • You could make a pi-shaped pie

    Serious Eats

    The geniuses at Serious Eats filled this one with chocolate and peanut butter. Then they used the rest of the crust to make pie fries. Here's the recipe.

  • Pi S'mores are also an option

  • Or you could focus on drinking

  • Feeling fancy? Make a sushi pi!


    Here's a hint -- this recipe uses that ice cube tray, so you can combine your love of sushi with your love of sake cocktails AND your love of math.

  • Go all out and make a Venn Pi-agram

  • On a diet? Get a manicure!


    Mathnicure? Whatever you want to call it, you'll look smart, which is all that matters.

  • Just remember what it's all about: