June may have been home to Donut Day, but all of July is Ice Cream Month. July has plenty of fun holidays, from yummy summer treats like Strawberry Sundae Day and National Lasagna Day to slightly weirder holidays like World UFO day.

Celebrate the important people in your life on Parent's Day, Father-in-Law Day, Gorgeous Grandma Day and Compliment your Mirror Day. It's a good thing Bikini Day is before Slurpee day so you can flaunt your beach bod on July 5th before getting a free Slurpee from 7-Eleven on 7/11.

Check out all the fun and wacky holidays we found in July!


July 1st, Canada Day: Celebrate our friendly, over polite, hockey obsessed neighbors with Canada Day. Just don't insult the Canadians or Vindictive Canadian Moose Overlord will be out to get you.

July 2nd, World UFO Day: If you've seen a UFO or are convinced that UFOs exist, you're in luck. This day is dedicated to the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects, specifically, those objects controlled by intelligent beings from outside Earth. Some organized events to celebrate can be found here.

July 3rd, Compliment Your Mirror Day: We're not really sure if on this day one is supposed to compliment the object or the reflection within it. We'll leave that up to your interpretation. In any case, take this day to stand in front of your mirror and let the praise flow. There's no one in the world who looks out for your image like your mirror does.

July 4th, Independence Day: This one should come as no surprise. Barbecue, fireworks, the works. Be loud and proud in red, white, and blue this July 4th in celebration of the USA.

July 5th, Bikini Day: The anniversary of the invention of the bikini, which was officially unveiled on July 5th, 1946 by Louis Réard, is the perfect day to get out in the sun in that itty bitty item of clothing.

July 6th, National Fried Chicken Day: For some deep-fried Southern decadence, indulge yourself with a heaping plate of fried chicken. Take the opportunity to make it yourself, with this recipe. Or of course you can just eat out. Fried chicken is perfect for a summer dinner outdoors with family and friends.

July 7th, Strawberry Sundae Day: There's no reason that we can think of not to celebrate this delicious day. For the most basic model, all you need is vanilla ice cream and strawberry syrup. Of course, we plan on going crazy with flavors and toppings, not to mention homemade ice cream bowls.

July 8th, Video Game Day: If someone's always on your case about playing too many video games, this is the day to play all you want, no matter what anyone says.

July 9th, National Sugar Cookie Day: Make some yummy sugar cookies with this sweet recipe!

July 10th, Clerihew Day: Take this day to write a clerihew. Don't know what a clerihew is? Well, it's a four line whimsical autobiographical poem invented by Edmund Clerihew Bentley. Click here to learn how to write one.

July 11th, Slurpee Day: July 11th, or 7/11, or seven-eleven is the convenience store of the same name, 7-Eleven's day. To celebrate, stop by participating 7-Eleven stores between 11 am and 7 pm for a free slurpee.

July 12th, Simplicity Day: July 12th is Henry David Thoreau's birthday, and so is the perfect day to celebrate Simplicity Day, which is a day to raise awareness about sustainable living.

July 13th, Cow Appreciation Day: Dress like a cow and visit participating Chick-fil-A restaurants to receive a free meal!

July 14th, Bastille Day: This is a French national holiday but it's celebrated around the world in honor of the storming of the Bastille during the French Revolution, a symbol of a modern nation and freedom.

July 15th, National Ice Cream Day: In 1984, President Ronald Reagan declared July to be National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday in July to be National Ice Cream Day.

July 16th, Global Hug Your Kid Day: Always held on the third monday in July, this day reminds parents everywhere to hug their kid today and everyday. Don't have a kid? You probably shouldn't find a random one. Maybe sit this holiday out.

July 17th, National Peach Ice Cream Day: In case you didn't have enough ice cream on National Ice Cream Day, here's another day to indulge in sweet creamy goodness. If you're feeling particularly spirited, here's a peach ice cream recipe.

July 18th, International Mandela Day: On this day we honor Nelson Mandela, the first democratically elected President of South Africa, who was born on July 18th, 1918.

July 19th, Flitch Day: This day celebrates the custom of giving a "flitch" or piece of bacon to married couples who could prove that they have been happy and faithful for the past year, and do not regret their marriage. It's an old tradition from England that was brought to America by early settlers.

July 20th, Moon Day: Moon Day doesn't specifically celebrate the moon, but instead commemorates the first day man walked on the moon on July 20th 1969. But of course, feel free to celebrate the big rock as well.

July 21st, National Junk Food Day: Celebrate with the most unhealthy delicious foods you can find. If you need help, just think high calorie, low nutritional value (vitamins, proteins, etc).

July 22nd, Parent's Day: A combination of Mother's Day and Father's Day, Parent's Day is just another chance to celebrate your parents. And it's official too! President Bill Clinton signed it into law in 1994.

July 23rd, Gorgeous Grandma Day: This holiday is for any older woman who loves herself and loves life. If you know a Gorgeous Grandma, be sure to celebrate her on this day.

July 24th, Amelia Earhart Day: Celebrate Amelia Earhart's birthday, and honor the female pilot who disappeared 75 years ago.

July 25th, National Carousel Day: The first carousel patent was granted to Willhelm Schneider on July 25th, 1871, thus National Carousel Day marks the patent's anniversary. To celebrate, find a carousel and take ride, or two.

July 26th, National Chili Dog Day: Another delicious summer treat!

July 27th, Take Your Pants for a Walk Day: translation - go for a walk while wearing pants. If you're not wearing pants, go put some pants on!

July 27th is also the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympic Games.

July 28th, National Day of the Cowboy: Grab your horses and cowboy hats and ride off into the wild wild west on this day.

July 29th, National Lasagna Day: Cook up some homemade lasagna on National Lasagna day with this recipe. You can't go wrong with this cheesy creation.

July 30th, Father-in-Law Day: Celebrate your spouse's husband during Father-in-Law Day.

July 31st, Mutt's Day: Mixed breed dogs get a lot of flack for not being pure breeds, so celebrate your lovely mutts on July 31st.

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