Bill Murray

See the Cast of 'Groundhog Day' Then and Now
When it was released in 1993, 'Groundhog Day' was only a modest success at the box office. But thanks to a hilarious lead performance from Bill Murray, an original script cowritten and directed by Harold Ramis and a cast that includes familiar faces like Chris Elliott and Andie MacDowell, …
'Caddyshack' Cast Today
The 1980 film 'Caddyshack' is arguably one of the most famous comedies of its generation. Set at the upscale Bushwood Country Club, the film follows the many subplots of its A-List cast. From Danny trying to raise money for college to Carl Spackler and his many attempts to annihilate that …
10 Funny ‘Ghostbusters’ Quotes
Who ya gonna call?? No, seriously. Who else would you call to bust ghosts than Ray, Egon, Venkman and Winston? Since its release in 1984, the original 'Ghostbusters' has become a highly quotable comedy classic. In fact, it basically set the template for future high concept comedies.
Bill Murray Makes Kickball Game 100% More Awesome
Bill Murray is known for having a good time at sporting events. The funnyman is always the highlight of the annual Pebble Beach Golf Tournament and his antics at Wrigley Field are the best thing that's happened to the Chicago Cubs in years. So it's little surprise that he'd …
Video Remix: A Tribute To Bill Murray
Man, how cool is Bill Murray? In an attempt to keep this post explicit but PG-13, we'll just say the guy is off the charts. Thanks to one fan's slick editing skills, you can get a full dose of Murray awesomeness in under two minutes.

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