Bill Murray is not your typical movie star. He has a knack for popping up in random situations and pulling out memorable moments for fans that go far beyond a picture, a handshake and an autograph. Though this video is just about a year old, it recently caught fire. Why? It's a mystery. We do know it's yet another reason to be a Bill Murray fan -- his off-screen antics are just as classic as his professional credits.

As the story goes, a filmmaker and his friends wanted Bill's John Hancock and instead got this clip of Bill walking down a hallway in slow-mo, Wes Anderson style.

Though Bill will probably hate the idea of repeating this stunt, we think it would make for one hell of a documentary, or at the very least a supercut, called  "Walking With Bill Murray." Any time someone requests his signature, film a short scene walking in slow-mo. That's got "Webby" written all over it.

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