We can't imagine what it must be like to be Bill Murray. The man bleeds "awesome," even with 'Garfield' on his resume.

The legendary movie star gave a set tour on YouTube of his new film 'Moonrise Kingdom,' directed by his pal Wes Anderson who he also worked with on 'The Life Aquatic,' 'The Royal Tenenbaums' and 'Rushmore.'

The funnyman not only spilled some interesting details about his character and the production, but he also further proved why he's awesome by simply being Bill Murray.

In addition to delivering some hilarious one-liners about his fellow cast members including Edward Norton and Bruce Willis, Bill leaks some interesting details about the shooting of the film. (The entire cast spent the production living in tents, instead of plush, air conditioned trailers.) The coolest part is the way he delivers the details: while sipping from a sensibly-sized glass of ice cold spiced rum. If this video wasn't promoting a movie, it would the greatest Old Spice commercial of all time.

We would hate to take Mr. Murray away from appearing on screen any more than he already does, but he really should give set tours of every movie that's coming down the pike. Something tells us he could make even the most over-blown and over-hyped films of the year seem worthy of an overpriced ticket. His presence alone in such a video could have helped 'Battleship' break even.

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